Snacs – Interview x Mixtape

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1. Kev Brown – Albany (slowed)
2. Cuddles – Ahwlee (slow edit)
3. Sade – Lover’s Rock (slowed)
4. Aaliyah – Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number (slowed and sliced)
5. Lil Mo – First Time (slowed and sliced)
6. DJ DMD – So Real (Screwed Up Clique Mix) (slowed)
7. Sade – By Your Side (Jay Denes Naked Soul Remix)
8. Slam Skillet – Pelocetus
9. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #3


Snacs, le jeune producteur de Brooklyn qu’on vous présentait à travers sa première mixtape Swim Tape. De nombreux samples inspirés la composent. La première track en est l’exemple parfait puisqu’il propose une version down tempo du titre des Destiny’s ChildBug A Boo. Snacs nous fait le plaisir de partager son univers à travers une courte interview qu’il agrémente d’une mixtape réalisée pour l’occasion.


 – Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Josh Abramovici. I make music as « snacs ». Yeee…

– Is there a particular reason you chose Snacs as a name?

A few years ago my friend and I used to mess around and freestyle, I called myself « Baby Snacks ». Eventually it evolved.. Also, snacks are a consistent source of pleasure.

– How would you describe your music style?

Warm and comfortable.

– What are/were your influences in music, art or in other spheres?

Life, peers, the woods, my dog, love… I saw Teebs play like 4-5 years ago—didn’t really know much about his music or that style of production at the time. His performance really put me on. Super enlightening moment.

– Im curious to know how you choose a sample. Why did you pick up Destiny’s Child Bug a Boo for instance?

Usually sample choice is pretty spontaneous… I choose Bug A Boo because it vibed really well with the beat, and because it’s golden.

– What are your future projects?

More creations/new mediums..

– List 5 songs you listened to this week.

João Gilberto – Wave

Idaho – The Thick and the Thin

Marcos Valle – Mais Do Que Valsa

Roc Marciano – Sweet Nothings

Ratking – 100

– In a Utopia, which artist would you love to collaborate with?



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