Interview x Kyogi

Kyogi est un très jeune artiste de la scène anglaise bourré de talent, à découvrir ici même,  qui a gentiment pris le temps de répondre à quelques questions pour se présenter, nous expliquer ses plans, nous faire découvrir sa musique, et nous séduire.

Can you first introduce yourself ?

Hello, my name’s Sean, I’m 15 and I live in a town called Totnes in Southern Devon, an area in the south-west of England, though I was born in South London and lived there until I was 7. I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where I’ve not been interested in music. I started having drum lessons and teaching myself to play guitar when I was 9, and began producing at the age of 12.
How can you define your music?

I’m not sure how I’d define my music at the moment, I sit comfortably in the whole British ‘future bass’ scene, though I’m trying to write more original tunes now as a lot of people are trying it, so it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out. My earlier tunes were more house orientated, but recently I’ve started messing around with slower tempos, evident in my tracks ‘Carousel’ and my remix of DE$iGNATED’s ‘Valentine’.

What are your inspirations?

The scene I’m in is kind of like a family, there’s a solid crew of guys who have all become good friends through the music, so I think we’re all quite competitive with each other, and we constantly inspire each other to become bigger. If one guy gets his tune played on 1Xtra, for example, we’ll all become secretly a little jealous and try to one-up him by aiming for some Radio 1 play or something like that.
Who are your models (mentor)?

I’m lucky enough to have known Sam Knowles (Karma Kid) for a few years now, we linked up basically as soon as I started producing, back then he was the age I am now. We were both making tacky, abrasive dubstep under different names and we’re incredibly embarrassed to look back on those tunes now, but it was fun at the time, and let us get to grips with promotion and the basics of how a scene works. We even collaborated on a couple of occasions (I’ve made tunes with Karma Kid, suck on that)! Sam’s since become huge and crafted a sound that is completely his own, and has certainly influenced me musically. Also, a little while ago now, I was put in touch with Troy Gunner. He’s pretty well established, so having him back my tunes was incredibly helpful, and I’ve learnt an awful lot from him – he’s a really smart bloke. I guess you could call him a mentor. Lastly, my best friend and main partner in crime Frank, who produces as ‘Endlines’. I started producing before he did but he started DJing before me, so we both taught each other a lot about each.

Who are/is the best Dj’s in UK nowadays?

For me, Bondax can’t be touched at the moment. They’re so original, I don’t think they’ve ever made a naff tune! Snakehips is also really doing it for me right now, as are DE$iGNATED, Network, Armeria, Arp 101 and Jamie Lidell. Couldn’t possibly pick a favourite out of that group.
What are your future projects (concerts/ EP) ?

I’ve got a remix of DE$iGNATED‘s tune ‘Valentine‘ forthcomin on Shifting Peaks alongside remixes from Applebottom, Carling Ruse and someone else. If that sells well it will be pressed for a vinyl release too. I’m also looking to get an E.P together featuring my tunes ‘If They Only Knew’, ‘Operator‘ and something new. I’m not sure what label I’d like to aim for yet. I’ve also got my first proper gigs coming up in March and April of this year, I’ve only ever played at friends’ parties before, I can’t wait!
When could we see you in Paris?

When could we see you in Paris?

Hopefully soon! It’s a wonderful city.

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