Interview x Kadugodi

Laissez nous vous présenter l’un des coups de cœur de l’année 2012, Kadugodi un jeune talent anglais, fournisseur de paix et de tranquillité, entrez dans sa bulle!


1 – First can you introduce yourself?

I am from the small town of Monmouth in the UK, and have been making electronic music for roughly 11 months now.

2 – Can you explain us why you chose this name ?

I chose the name ‘Kadugodi’ due to its translation – ‘Temple in the Forest’. The imagery struck me as peaceful and I try to get across that element of tranquillity in my music.

3 – Let’s talk about your music, how can you define it ?

I would define the majority of the music I make as just ‘Chillout’, simple due to the reason it varies around other kind of subgenres and touches on elements of almost every other genre that influences me.

4 – And if you can describe it with just one word ?

I would describe it as – ‘warm’

5 – How your music evolves since HNGO and Tengi ?

Those were probably my 2nd and 3rd pieces of music I ever made using software. I would like to think that my music has progressed quite a bit since then, and generally dislike listening to the music I originally made, but always appreciate that it was a key element of learning to produce.

6 – Your future plan ?

My future plan is to finish the EP I have recently started, and to try and get as many people as possible to hear it so that I could perform it live! The music I am making now is completely different from most of the music on my soundcloud, I mean it still has that kind of ‘sound’ but I am beginning to experiment more with both production – and my songwriting.

7- You favorite artist, inspirations?

I have way too many inspirations – classical, jazz, blues, soul, funk, disco, electronic, folk, hiphop – I would get carried away if I answered that!

8 – What was the best musical memories?

As in seeing artists live? My personal best music memories are of playing gigs in local pubs with my band where I live. We are called ‘Karu’ and are actually working on an EP this summer too. Other than that probably seeing Radiohead and James Blake.

9 – And when could we see you in Paris ?

As soon as I finish the EP and get it promoted the most I can! It is an absolute dream to play there so fingers crossed.




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