Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir échanger avec le producteur allemand Hodini, membre du label Money Sex Records dont nous avons beaucoup parlé tant leurs releases nous plaisent. Il a récemment sorti la troisième release du label sur lequel ont participé Max Graef, Glenn Astro et Damiano Von Erckert. Un projet super intéressant qui nous a donné envie de s’immiscer un peu plus dans son univers.


 Introduce in one sentence or two your Hodini’s project.

The Hodini Project was some Thing i did for a long Time, but never really came out the closet, because i was kinda busy doing my hiphop stuff.

♦ How and when did you start producing and considering that doing music will be your life or big part of it? 

For me, it all started from djing… I was collecting a lot of hiphop records and always wondered how all that music was created… Then I bumped into some cats from cologne, who were producing and I learned a lot from them. One day I was finally able to get myself a MPC 2000 XL and from that day it went on and on.

 Which projects have you released so far? 

Besides of my hip hop productions, I already released few remixes here and there but the main projects are :

Money Sex Ep 003

Tony Travolta EP with Damiano von Erckert

Box aus Holz – Various Artists

Which artist influenced you the most? 

The usual suspects…cats like KDJ, Andrés, Theo Parrish…. just to name a few..

 Hip-hop is a part of your music style right? How did you consider mixing this style with house music?

It just came to me automatically… from the hip hop perspective I started to get interested in the music that was sampled.. So I got in touch with a lot of soul funk and jazz.. and all that lead me to genres like disco, boogie and afrobeat, just to name a few.. and someday I got into house music as well. In my opinion house and hip hop music don’t differ that much, other than the fact that it’s a bit faster…haha

 Can you describe your production process? You mainly produce with samples and a MPC right?

Let me think…. I turn on my MPC, chop up some drums, listen to some records and from here on just go with the flow.

 Can you tell us more about Money Sex Records? 

Money Sex Records was founded by Max Graef, Glenn Astro and Delphonic… I met those guys through Damiano Von Erckert and they asked me, if I would like to do a record.. I could not refuse ! I really like the attitude of those guys. As an artist they give you all the freedom you want…

♦ You released the third projects called Money Sex 003. In one word or two, how would you describe each track?

A1: HodiniIntreux  ♠  classic Sp1200 intro beat

A2: Gerald Astor & HodiniWalle’s Super Billige Knastbulleten → I started working on this track, years ago..then i sent my ideas to glenn astro, cause we were talking about doing some stuff together and it all worked out pretty fast.

A3: HodiniChronic Gangsta Boogie → Small chronic break

A4: Hodini & Der RetrogottLaugher → Retrogott and me foolin around on his little MPC 500

B1: HodiniCheese → That tune reminds me on some detroit hiphop shit

B2: Glenn Astro & HodiniDer Pfirsich Pt.1 → Another collaboration with glenn astro…i just send him the follow up track an he did his thing…

B3: Hodini & Glenn AstroDer Pfirsich Pt.2 (Alternate Mix Für Max) → Actually it´s a kind of remix for der pfirsich Pt.1

B4: Hodini, Max Graef & Damiano Von ErckertPepatzenimfernbus → We did that one while Max Graef was visiting Cologne… We were chilling at Damiano´s crib an I started off by programming some drums and Max instantly played those chords… It´s kind of avery lo fi track, because we did´t care for any distortion or hiss while recording

B5: HodiniOutreux → Another classic hiphop outro

 We are big fans of Max Graef, Glenn Astro and Damiano Von Erckert. How did you get in touch with those guys? How did you work with them (production process)?

I think i met damiano through Tito Wun, and then Damiano inroduced me to Max and Glenn. When working with Damiano or Max, we were chilling at Damianos home studio, just jamming… All Glenn Astro collages were mostly done via Internet…sending back and forth.

 We would love to picture one day work with Max Graef. How would you describe a day of production with him who is, to us, one of the greatest house producer.

Easy, cigarettes and a few beers..hahaha

 How do you see the step between producing music and selling music? The inspirational stage faced to the stage where you have to produce something that will fit in a « commercial format ». Would you say it can ruin everything or does it stimulates you to clear and organize your thoughts.

I always try, not to think about selling music, while producing music….you should always do you.

 Do you have any new projects coming? You released a great E.P so we hope more will come.

There will be another EP released via AVA Records in January 2016. My man Damiano released his last album Also Known As Good on this label.

 We have a general question for you about the actual scene, what is the last album which impressed you the most?

I would say Hubert Daviz – Framework

 If you had to choose a track to start a live set and a track to end it, which would it be ?

Intro : Glenn Astro´s  For my People (forgotten Intro)

Outro : Snoop DoggSerial Killa :)

♦ Traditional questions on our platform Utopie Tangible: What would be your best utopic collaboration? 

I guess it would be Sun Ra