Interview x Mountain Range

What are the origins of the project Mountain Range and who is it ?

Mountain Range is this project I started about 2 years ago now, and it consists of just me and my computer really. It began because I was listen and playing loads of Post-Rock music at the time and wanted to capture that safe/ warm feeling the genre gives me and put it into something more electronic. It’s just grown from there really!

How do you call your music you produce and how do you think this kind of music can touch people ?

I’m not sure, it takes ideas, both aesthetically and structurally, from Post-rock, ambient and I guess shoegaze music, but also has a load of electronic, found sound and beat driven ideas in there as well. I listen to a lot of the Brainfeeder and Ghostly stuff that been coming out over the last few years, and thats all a massive influence. Basically I don’t know. In terms of my stuff touching people, I think all music can touch everyone. So I hope my music can touch someone the same way that Metal, Jazz, folk, or any genre of music can.

We have seen the emergence of this music especially in US. Do you feel any good response to this new wave of electronic sound more experimental in UK ?

Yeah, that emergence in the US is defiantly what fueled how I do things now, artists like Flying Lotus and Teebs using loads of natural sounds with there beats and stuff, and UK artists like Gold Panda and Mount Kimbie over here are huge. The way this music is performed, with samplers and MPC style things is become generally more accepted as a performance style here too, it can still be pretty tricky finding the right gigs though!

Do you any upcoming plans or gigs in the following weeks/months ?

I’ve just moved to London, so there are no gigs planned for a short while at least, but I’m plugging away on new material for a new EP, due in the next couple of months!

Which person you really love, would you like to make dance on your music ? on which song ?

They don’t really listen to it, but I would be pretty amazing to see my family dance to my music. It will never happen though, they just wouldn’t understand it! And to something really crazy, like ‘And I will Dance In Your Rays’, it gets a little intense at the end, I like to see how they would react to that!

One word to describe your music to a stranger ?


Finally, what was, is, will be your biggest utopia ?

Waking up everyday and just sit, drink tea and make music, knowing that all my friends and family will support me and people will enjoy what I do the same way I enjoy what my favorite artists do.